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In April 2015, the municipal administration of Krempermarsch has appointed us to honorary integration representatives. We are here to welcome refugees and persons applying for asylum in our community and want to commit ourselves to a peaceful coexistence of the German residents and their new fellow citizens from other countries.

Our office is intended to be a first contact point and information center for the new immigrants and equally for clubs, initiatives and single persons who wish to contribute their help.


You need assistance?


You are newly arrived in the community, you don't speak the German language and you need assistance to orient yourself in the new environment?


We inform you in case you don't know which authorities are responsible for your problems.


If you wish, we can accompany you to lawyers, doctors, the immigration office (Ausländeramt), the empoyment office (Jobcenter) or the family counseling office.


We can make phone calls together with you in order to obtain information or to arrange an appointment.


We can assist you to fill in a form / document or to open a bank account.


We inform you about special offerings for immigrants and offers of sports clubs here in the communities.